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Can you fry a Popeyes turkey?

Asked by Ibrahim Camacho

Bob Stone

Bob Stone
BA, Contributor

1.0 out of 5 starsPopeyes turkey is boiled, not fried. ... They are obviously boiled, not fried at all. You can tell by the skin, just rubbery white skin, absolutely no crisp at all. Just imagine if you boiled a turkey to the point of overcooking it, froze it, then roasted it.

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How much does Popeyes Cajun turkey cost?

Prices start at $39.99. Customers can pre-order by calling or visiting restaurants. "Hand-rubbed and infused with zesty Louisiana-style seasonings, the Cajun Style Turkey comes precooked so all you need to do is simply heat, serve and enjoy," Popeyes says.

Does Costco sell cooked turkeys for Thanksgiving?

Costco carries frozen and fully cooked turkeys and hams, 20-pound bags of potatoes, pumpkin pies, and cases of wine perfect for feeding a crowd at the holidays. Here's a guide for making Costco your one-stop holiday shop for Thanksgiving.

How much is KFC Cajun turkey?

We're talking, of course, about the KFC "Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey," yours for $59.99 solo or $79.99 with a mess of fixings on the side (gravy counts as a "fixing," just so you know). Belying the notion of "fast food," these turkeys require at least a 24-hour advance order and pre-payment.

Can you still order a Cajun Turkey from Popeyes?

The chicken chain is bringing back their Cajun-Style Turkey. ... The turkey will be available for pre-order starting October 18 at participating Popeyes locations. You can call or visit your closest location in person to put in the order.

How much does a Popeyes turkey weigh?

Popeyes is selling cajun turkeys throughout the holiday season, so now you'll have one less thing to worry about if you're planning your own holiday feast. According to Brand Eating, each bird ranges from 9 to 13 pounds, and is seasoned with cajun spices before being roasted and deep-fried.

How does Popeyes Cajun turkey taste?

The turkey wasn't completely juicy, but it was juicy-to-moist and, however they seasoned it, the flavor permeated the meat of the whole turkey. I bought some of Popeyes' Cajun gravy for dipping and the two got along famously. ... Overall, Popeyes' Cajun Turkey was thoroughly enjoyable and packed with flavor.

How do I order a deep fried turkey from Popeyes?

If you have a local Popeyes location selling the birds, all you need to do to preorder your turkey is call or walk in. Then, you'll be able to pick up your turkey on a future date or schedule a specific date for pickup. Plus, you don't need to pay upfront on the day you preorder if you'd rather wait to pay upon pickup.

How much do Popeyes Cajun turkeys weigh?

Popeyes' Cajun-Style Turkey weighs anywhere from 13 to 16 pounds when cooked. Prices start at $39.99 but vary by location. Before it gets to the customer, the big bird is hand-rubbed and infused with zesty Louisiana-style seasonings, slow-cooked and flash-fried for crispy skin.

Is Popeyes selling Cajun turkey?

Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey features a heat-and-serve, 10-to-14 pound turkey that has been marinated with the chain's signature blend of Louisiana seasonings, slow-roasted, and then flash-fried for a crispy coating. ...

How do you reheat Popeyes Cajun turkey?

When it comes time to reheat, preheat your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove all packaging, preserving juices, and place the turkey on a rack in a large roasting pan. Pour the juices into the pan and reheat uncovered on the lower rack for two to two and a half hours.

Does Sam's Club sell cooked turkeys?

Butterball Fully-Cooked Turkey Breast - Oven Roasted or Deep Fried - Sam's Club.

How much is a Bojangles turkey?

The turkeys are roasted, fried in vegetable oil, frozen, and then shipped to restaurants. Each turkey weighs anywhere from 10 to 13 pounds and is meant to serve six to eight people. They're fully cooked and just have to be reheated (instructions are included). The price is $39.99 per turkey (may vary).

How do I keep my turkey from drying out?

"When roasting the whole bird, the key is to cook the legs longer than the breast," Tommy says. "Once the breast is cooked, remove the legs and put them back in the oven. This stops the breasts drying out."

How long does it take to deep fry Popeyes turkey?

Spoon or pour into injector needle and inject the turkey, covering all the thick areas such as the breast and legs. Add oil to the fryer with a basket or rack. Heat the oil on medium-high setting until it reaches 365 degrees F - about 20-40 minutes.

When should I order my Thanksgiving turkey?

Buy your turkey early

If you're buying a frozen turkey, make sure you purchase it with enough time to thaw it properly: One day for every four pounds. Buying early ensures you'll be able to brine the turkey, but be careful with fresh turkeys. After purchasing them, they can only be stored up to two days in the fridge.

Does Applebee's serve Thanksgiving dinner?

That said, all Applebee's locations will be open on Thanksgiving Eve and the plan is for some to be open the day of, so go ahead and enjoy your turkey there. ... Their Thanksgiving feast package features turkey, gravy, spicy Italian sausage, and garlicky mashed potatoes.

How much is Thanksgiving dinner at Boston Market?

Boston Market sells complete Thanksgiving meals that can serve up to 12 people, ranging in price from $69.99 to $119.99.

Does Kentucky fried Chicken have any specials?

Enjoy KFC's legendary chicken dishes on a budget with the $5 Fill Ups. For just $5, you can go home with: 2-piece Drumstick & Thigh, mashed potatoes, biscuit, cookie, and a medium drink. 3 Extra Crispy™ Tenders, mashed potatoes, biscuit, cookie, medium drink, and dipping sauce.

Does Popeyes sell whole fried turkeys?

Here's how to order the Popeye's Cajun-style whole turkey for 2019. ... The fast food chain is offering Cajun-style whole turkeys for your Thanksgiving feast this year, and if they taste anything like Popeyes' chicken, you're in for a well-seasoned holiday.

Is Popeyes selling turkeys 2020?

Popeyes Cajun turkeys are coming back for Thanksgiving 2020: Here's how to preorder for your holiday meal. ... The fast-food New Orleans-style chicken chain is taking preorders of its Cajun Style Turkeys at participating restaurants nationwide, while supplies last. Prices start at $39.99.

Can you order Popeyes fried turkey for Christmas?

You can get a Popeyes Cajun-Style Turkey for $39.99, which is a pretty good deal, considering all the hard work has been done for you. But if you're not about that turkey lyfe, you can also get the Holiday Feast package for $20, complete with fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and beans.

Does KFC sell turkey Thanksgiving?

KFC. KFC's perfectly seasoned Thanksgiving turkeys are only available at a few locations nationwide. To pre-order a turkey, call up your local KFC locations until you find one that has them available. Several chains around the country offer up some of the Thanksgiving sides, desserts, or other turkey-centric creations.

Who sells fried turkeys for Thanksgiving?

At least two fried chicken chains—Popeyes and Bojangles'—are offering whole turkeys for sale this holiday season: fried, Cajun-spiced, 10-to-15 pounders that promise to put the flavor back into Thanksgiving.

Which popeyes selling fried turkeys?

Prices start at $39.99. Customers can pre-order by calling or visiting restaurants. "Hand-rubbed and infused with zesty Louisiana-style seasonings, the Cajun Style Turkey comes precooked so all you need to do is simply heat, serve and enjoy," Popeyes says.