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Did CL Franklin impregnate a child?

Asked by Arthur Cannon

Claudia Vasquez

Claudia Vasquez
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Aretha's father, Reverend C.L. Franklin, was a nationally known Baptist preacher and civil rights activist who, in spite of his religious commitments, impregnated a teenager at his church, according to his biography, Singing in a Strange Land.

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Why was CL Franklin killed?

Franklin were tight. So in 1979, America paid attention when news broke that C.L. Franklin had been shot in a botched robbery at his home when burglars mistakenly thought they had the house to themselves. Aretha's dad was mortally wounded and slipped into a coma that would last for five years.

How did Aretha get pregnant at 12?

couldn't be everywhere at once, though. Soon after her 12th birthday, Aretha was impregnated by a local boy reportedly named Donald Burke. Marriage was not considered and the baby was named Clarence. Just shy of her 15th birthday, Aretha gave birth to a second son: Eddie, named after his father, Edward Jordan.

How much older was Edward Jordan than Aretha?

Edward Franklin was born two years after Clarence when Aretha was 14. His father is a man named Edward Jordan, but that's all the information made public about him. Edward Jr. became interested in music at a young age.

Did Aretha Franklin have a baby?

In real life, Franklin gave birth to four boys: Clarence Franklin, Edward Franklin, Teddy Richards and Kecalf Cunningham. Clarence, her firstborn who was named after the singer's preacher father, was born just two months before her 13th birthday, and she had Edward, her second child, two years later at age 14.

How old was Aretha Franklin when she had her first son?

Clarence Franklin

Franklin's oldest son, Clarence was born when she was 12 years old in 1955. His father was believed to be Franklin's classmate, Donald Burke according to her biographer and author of Respect: The Life of Aretha Franklin, David Ritz.

Who was Aretha Franklin's first husband?

Inside Aretha Franklin's Relationship with Her First Husband Ted White.

What happened to Aretha Franklin's first husband?

She married Glenn Turman in 1978.

Franklin met Turman, an actor, at a benefit in 1977; the following year, they were married at her father's church. ... Franklin and Turman, who had no children together, separated in 1982 and divorced in 1984.

Who did Aretha Franklin want to play her?

Before her death, legendary singer Aretha Franklin hand-picked Jennifer Hudson to portray the "Queen of Soul" in a biopic. The starring role in "Respect" is one the American Idol finalist doesn't take lightly. Hudson auditioned for the show with Franklin's "Share Your Love with Me" back in 2006.

Did Aretha Franklin Sisters sing backup for her?

The backup vocals are an important part of the "Respect" single, where the "just a little bits" and the "sock it to mes" make the song iconic. Those vocals were actually performed by Franklin's sisters, Carolyn and Erma, and Carolyn helped to write those parts of the track.

How old is Edward Jordan?

Edward Jordan, Sr. Birthdate: 1726: Death: February 28, 1791 (64-65) Immediate Family: Son of William Jordan and Mary Jordan Husband of Elizabeth Jordan Father of Edward Jordan, Jr.

Who inherited Aretha Franklin's estate?

As a result, Michigan law stipulated her assets would be divided equally among her four adult sons, and they agreed to designate their cousin—Franklin's niece, Sabrina Owens—as the estate's executor.

Who was Edward Jordan Senior?

Edward Jordan is the father of two of Franklin's sons. At age 12, the music legend gave birth to her first child, Clarence, in 1955. She originally claimed the father was a schoolmate, yet in the wills she reportedly had handwritten, she refers to Edward Sr. as his father.

How was Aretha Franklin when she had her first child?

Ritz tells in his biography how Aretha had joined Sam in his Atlanta motel room. Two months ahead of her 13th birthday, Aretha gave birth to her first child - a baby boy she named Clarence after her own father. ... She then had another child when she was 14-years-old by Edward Jordan - who her brother called a 'player. '

How long did C.L. Franklin live after being shot?

In 1979, C.L. was shot in his home during an attempted robbery at his Detroit home. He went into a coma and died five years later, in 1984.

How long was Rev C.L. Franklin in a coma?

On June 10, 1979, Franklin was shot twice during an attempted robbery at his home in Detroit. He remained in a coma for five years until his death on July 27, 1984.

Did C.L. Franklin ever wake up?

He never regained consciousness, remaining in a coma for the next five years. His funeral in August of 1984 was the largest ever held for an African-American man in the city; civil rights leader Jesse Jackson spoke, and Detroit's first black mayor, Coleman A. Young, was also in attendance.

Who is the father of Aretha Franklin's first baby?

She first became pregnant at the age of 12 and gave birth to her first child, named Clarence after her father, on January 28, 1955. In one of her handwritten wills, discovered in 2019, Franklin revealed that the father was Edward Jordan.

Did C.L. Franklin father a child with a 12 year old?

C.L. had a child with a 12 year-old girl in 1940. He was a well known womanizer and a was abusive to women around him and his children. He had two other children, with two other women while he was still with Barbara as well. He had a wife before Barbara, but they divorced the same year he married Barbara.

When did c l franklin die?

Clarence LaVaughn Franklin was an American Baptist minister and civil rights activist. Known as the man with the "Million-Dollar Voice", Franklin served as the pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, from 1946 until he was shot and wounded in 1979.