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Did counting cars get Cancelled?

Asked by Adalee Valdez

Dwyane Johnson

Dwyane Johnson
BA, Contributor

'Counting Cars' Season 8 premiered on July 10, 2018, on the History Channel. After spanning 17 episodes, it ended on November 6, 2018. In 2019, History renewed the show for its next edition.

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Are Danny Koker and Rick Harrison friends?

Rick Harrison, the main star of Pawn Stars, has been friends with Danny and Kevin, who rode motorcycles with Rick's brother, for several years. Since Rick was aware of Danny's knowledge about cars, he propositioned him about being a regular on the show.

How much is a count's Kustom restoration?

Because the rebuild would be featured on an episode of The History Channel's "Counting Cars" show, Jones told them, another $20,000 would be provided by the TV program's producers. The Hurts say they agreed to the $50,000 cost and awaited a "December 2013 restoration 'reveal' to be filmed on site in Las Vegas."

Is Kevin part owner of Count's Kustoms?

'Counting Cars' is a hit show that started from a spin-off. ... On that show, when the Pawn Stars cast needed to restore a vehicle they were hoping to flip, they turned to the guys at Counting Cars, which includes Kevin. Kevin Mack is the right-hand man to Danny, the owner of the shop.

Is Count's Kustoms staged?

Actually, it is all staged. The car and the owner are already finalized, before the shoot. It is also seen in many instances that the real offered money for a car or a bike was much higher than what was shown on TV.

Why was Roli fired from Counts Kustoms?

The most likely explanation is that Roli no longer wished to remain in front of the camera or sought better career opportunities. Thus, he decided to step away from the show.

How long does it take Counts Kustoms to finish a car?

Their employment jump has also sped up production. Projects that used to take 12 to 24 months to complete can now be done in as little as 90 days. Count's Kustoms has around 15 projects going at any given time, and they complete 30 to 40 projects per year.

How much does count kustoms make per episode?

Koker reportedly gets around $100,000 per episode, and there is an average of 16 episodes per season. Based on this number, Koker earns roughly $1.6 million annually from Counting Cars alone.

Why does the count always wear a bandana?


It's to hide the receding hairline. Here's what one of the users of Reddit said: "On another note Danny really needs to give in to his receding hairline and ditch that stupid black bandana; he is not fooling anyone. Just shave your whole head and embrace the bald look."

Who really owns Counts Kustoms?

Danny Koker, the owner of Count's Kustoms, is the creative force behind each project leaving his shop. Danny splits his pastimes between his love of all things automotive and his passion for music.

Where is Scott from Counts Kustoms now?

At Count's Kustoms, Kevin Mack took over Scott's position and has remained an integral member of the crew. Not much is known about Scott's life after leaving the show. It is believed that he opened his own shop in Greeneville, Tennessee, and currently resides there.

Who embezzled on Counting Cars?

5 Fake: Scott Jones Left Because Of Embezzlement

Scott Jones, one of the beloved characters of the show Counting Cars, mysteriously faded away after the second season, never to return again. Exactly as to why he stopped appearing on the show, has been up to a lot of speculation.

How much is Counts Kustoms worth?

Counts Kustoms net worth: Counts Kustoms net worth is $10 million dollars. Counts Kustoms is a car and motorcycle restoration shop located in Las Vegas, Nevada, run by Danny "The Count" Koker. Mr. Koker grew up in Ohio, where the majority of his family worked for the Ford Motor Company.

How much does Ryan on Counting Cars make?

Ryan Evans' Net worth: How much does Ryan on Counting Cars make? According to TVovermind.com, the net worth of Ryan Evans is between $ 1 million and $ 5 million. This when converted to INR, is between Rs 7 crores and Rs 35 crores.

Is Ryan from Counts Kustoms married?

Ryan Evans is currently married to Dana Pauley. The pair tied the knot on the 14th of March 2015 and have been together ever since. The pair also share a lovely son, Logan Evans, and the family of three is currently living in Los Angeles, Nevada.

Who got fired from Counts Kustoms for embezzlement?

Why was Roli fired from the Kustoms accounts? On the show, no solid reason was ever given to leave and fans wondered what happened. Some of these theories were quite far-fetched. One was that Danny Koker had fired him for embezzlement.

Why did Kevin leave Counting Cars?

At the moment it is unclear as to why Kevin Mack has been missing from Counting Cars. Neither the channel nor Kevin have stated the reason behind the star's absence. However, a report on Distractify has revealed that Kevin Mack's absence from the show might just be due to a scheduling conflict.

Who embezzled money from counts kustoms?

Joseph Frontiera Counting Cars Scandal Frontiera also is said to have created rubber stamp copies of executives' signatures to approve the misused funds. According to the customization and auto shop's lawyers, Frontiera is guilty of embezzlement and felony theft.

Does Rollie still work at Count's Kustoms?

Roli Is Still a Master Car Detailer Years After He Was on 'Counting Cars' As another Pawn Stars spin-off, Counting Cars could have been a one-season and done show. But, by the grace of the reality TV gods, it soldiered on, and in June 2020, Season 9 premiered. ... Roli was the resident car detailer at Count's Kustoms.

Did Scott get fired from Count's Kustoms?

It turns out Scott was replaced by Kevin Mack, Danny's best friend. Because the show never explained what became of Scott, many viewers have speculated that he might have gotten into legal trouble on the job.

Will Counting Cars return in 2021?

Official Renewal Status: As of October 11th, 2021, History has yet to cancel or renew Counting Cars for Season 10. We're continuously monitoring the status of Counting Cars.