she did have a cosmetic procedure a few years back, just not a face-lift." />
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Did dr phil's wife get a facelift?

Asked by Logan Ortiz

Michaela Harris

Michaela Harris
BA, Contributor

And the wife of talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw is finally revealing the secret to her youthful look. On this week's episode of her podcast "I've Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw," the 66-year-old admitted that she did have a cosmetic procedure a few years back, just not a face-lift.

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What does Robin McGraw do for a living?

Entrepreneur, Founder, Philanthropist, Television Personality, and Author. Being the Wife of Dr. Phil McGraw (American television personality, author and psychologist).

What happened to Robin McGraw's sister Cindi?

In the early hours of June 5, 2001, Broaddus, the sister of Dr. Phil's wife Robin, was the victim of a random acid attack when someone threw a jar of sulfuric acid off an overpass. ... "We are all heartbroken and will miss her every day," McGraw wrote. "She was our hero.

Has Jordan McGraw ever been married?

Meet the McGraw family's newest member! On Wednesday, Jordan McGraw, the younger son of famed psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, married fiancée Morgan Stewart. The 34-year-old musician shared his exciting news on Instagram Thursday by posting a sweet wedding photo.

Is Doctor Phil a real doctor?

Phil, is an American television personality, author and the host of the television show Dr. Phil. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, though he ceased renewing his license to practice psychology in 2006. ... The show is formatted as an advice show.

Did Dr. Phil have a stroke?

The injury caused a clot in his carotid artery, which then traveled to his brain. It was January 3, 2019, a few days before the new semester at CNU was scheduled to begin. Phil, age 57, had come home for lunch when the stroke occurred. "There were no warning signs at all," he recalls.

What is Robin McGraw's skin care line called?

She debuts a skincare collection called Robin McGraw Revelation, for which her husband became her beauty tester: "He has a huge forehead."

Why did Robin McGraw name her foundation when Georgia smiled?

Robin founded the When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation, in her words, "to create and advance programs that help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault live healthy, safe and joy-filled lives." She recently shared with more about her passion project.

Did Doctor Phil lose his license?

Phil does hold a doctorate in psychology, but he's not a licensed psychologist, because he let his license expire by his own volition. He has never been licensed to practice in California, where he films. And he retired his active Texas license back in 2006.

What's Dr Phil's last name?

Life strategist and television host Dr. Phil was born Phillip Calvin McGraw on September 1, 1950, in Vinita, Oklahoma.