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How do I return the lost axe in Stardew Valley?

Asked by Rory Salgado

Robert Curry

Robert Curry
BA, Contributor

Once you have the Stardew Valley lost axe and have picked the item up, all you need to do now is simply return it to Robin. Typically, she can be found in her shop at the Carpenter's Shop north of town, but sometimes she will be walking around town as well.

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How do you get a new axe in Stardew Valley?

The axe, pickaxe, water can, and hoe can all be upgraded at the blacksmith, whose shop is located near the bridge at the bottom right of the town. Take the bridge then head north to see his shop. Bring your tool to the Blacksmith (open 9-5), along with several thousand gold and five metal bars.

Where is Robin's favorite axe?

Sometime around Thursday 11th she will send you a letter asking you to find her favorite axe that she lost. You can find her axe south of Marnie's Ranch in Cindersap Forest to the right of the sewer pipe. The reward is 250g.

Where is the blacksmith in Stardew Valley?

Located to the east of town, across the river, and north of the Museum.

What is Shane's favorite thing in Stardew Valley?

Shane loves receiving the following items: beer, hot pepper, pepper poppers, and pizza. He likes most eggs as long as it isn't a void egg and all other fruits.

What are the creepy noises in Stardew Valley?

If you have the message "A Strange Sound Was Heard In The Night" in Stardew Valley, then you've completed the Strange Capsule event. That means that the strange device that landed on your farm has busted open, and whatever is inside has been loosed on the world.

Where are mayors shorts?

The mayor's shorts can be found in Marnie's Ranch, more specifically in Marnie's Bedroom. Marnie lives in her Ranch, which is located west of Pelican Town. You can get there by taking the town's southwestern exit or the farm's south exit.

Where can you find Robins?

Robin is a villager in Stardew Valley. She resides at 24 Mountain Road, in Pelican Town, with her husband Demetrius, daughter Maru, and son Sebastian. Robin is the town carpenter and runs her own Carpenter's shop, at her home, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day except Tuesday, and part of Friday (closes early).

Where are Mayor Lewis's purple shorts?

You'll find Mayor Lewis' purple shorts at Marnie's Ranch, specifically in her bedroom (the door you see to the right of the counter from where she runs her shop). However, the door to the room will be locked until you reach at least a two-heart relationship with Marnie.

Where can I find dandelion Stardew Valley?

The Dandelion is found via foraging in the Spring, or grown from Spring Seeds. Up to ten can also be purchased from Pierre at the Flower Dance. Although it is a flower in its description (and in real life), the game classifies it as "Forage" and not "Flower."

How do I get Mayor Lewis shorts back?

Once you have decided on the gift, and have the Gift: The rest is relatively simple. Give the gift to Marnie, find the shorts, and return them to Lewis. Can usually be found in the Mayor's Manor. The game will reward you handsomely for returning the shorts; you will be 750 gold richer.

Where do you find Linus basket in Stardew Valley?

After exiting the farm, head north towards the bus station and navigate through the paved road back into the west part of town, which is north of the player's farm. Just before the next tunnel mouth and next to some blackberry bushes is Linus' blackberry basket.

Where is Alex in the winter Stardew Valley?

During Summer, he can be found on the beach in the morning and running the Ice Cream Stand to the left of the museum in the afternoon. On the 16th of Summer, he has an appointment at the clinic. During Winter, he works out at the Spa almost every day. When he is not there, he will be at his house.

What does the capsule do in Stardew Valley?

A unique UFO sound effect plays, and a Strange Capsule appears on a random tile of the farm. It turns into a broken Empty Capsule after about three days, which enables a further Easter egg.

What does an earthquake do Stardew?

In Stardew Valley, an earthquake opens up the Railroad and Spa locations. You won't be able to visit either of these areas prior to an earthquake, nor will you be able to avoid an earthquake. It's simply something that will eventually happen as you naturally progress through the game.

What happens if you join JOJA Mart?

Buying a JojaMart Membership in Stardew Valley will unlock a new, far more corporate, route for restoring the valley. Replacing the Community Center bundles with the Community Development Projects, the JojaMart Membership route is a permanent change to your save file.

Who is the best person to marry in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley: The 6 Best (& 6 Worst) Romances

  • 8 Worst: Alex.
  • 7 Best: Maru.
  • 6 Worst: Sam.
  • 5 Best: Emily.
  • 4 Worst: Elliott.
  • 3 Best: Abigail.
  • 2 Worst: Sebastian.
  • 1 Best: Leah.

Why is fishing so difficult in Stardew Valley?

Fishing is probably the single hardest aspect of Stardew Valley, because it's not immediately obvious how it works. Worse, players may get discouraged because a hard-to-catch fish appears on their line, and they were never meant to be capable of catching it so early in the game.

What's the point of the spa in Stardew Valley?

Nestled north of town near the railyard, the spa is open every day of the week. Inside the spa, you will be able to recover health and energy while relaxing in the water. This is very important, especially if you spend all morning tending to your farm and plan to go mining for the rest of the day.

Where is robin's axe in stardew valley?

The axe should be sitting right at the southeastern part of the forest, just east of where you can pick Spring Onions in the spring. This area is called the Cindersap Forest and it has many secrets, so if this is your first time exploring it, keep going!

Where can you find Robin's axe in Stardew Valley?

Quest Text: Robin lost her favorite axe. The last time she remembers using it, she was cutting wood south of Marnie's ranch. Requirements: Find Robin's lost axe. Can be found near the Sewer Pipe in Cindersap Forest.