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Is Outer Banks based on a true story?

Asked by Saul Robertson

Paul Gardner

Paul Gardner
BA, Contributor

The story in the series isn't based on facts, but the creators, twin brothers Josh and Jonas Pate, used their experiences visiting the Outer Banks when they were children to build the story.

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What is the best time of year to visit the Outer Banks?

The best time to visit the Outer Banks is between March and May or September and November, when lodging rates drop and crowds dissipate. Most mainland North Carolina residents and out-of-towners arrive during the summer months, when humidity is high and average temperatures consistently hit the upper 80s.

What part of Outer Banks is best?

Best Places to Stay in the Outer Banks

  • COROLLA. Located in Currituck County, this area is the northernmost section of the Outer Banks. ...
  • SOUTHERN SHORES. Largely a residential neighborhood, this town sits right between Kitty Hawk and Duck, providing easy access to both. ...
  • South Nags Head.

Are there alligators in the Outer Banks?

However, the Outer Banks is still home to the American Alligator. Alligators inhabit areas north of the refuge and in some of our waterways. You can see alligators in the Alligator River, Milltail Creek, Sawyer Lake, and in the border canals that line Highway 64/264 in Manns Harbor and Stumpy Point!

Why does John B wear a bandana?

Now, remember when John B got bitten by a crocodile and tied his necktie around his leg. ... If the bandana was the shroud, then Sheriff Peterkin wouldn't have died as John B used the bandana directly in an attempt to stop the bleeding after she was shot by Rafe.

Who is John B's mom in Outer Banks?

Another theory suggests Outer Banks Season 2's new cast member, Elizabeth Mitchell, will play John B.'s mother. So far, the season 2 trailer has revealed that Mitchell plays a scornful woman named Limbrey. However, it's not yet clear if Limbrey has a familial connection to any of the Outer Banks teens.

Where is John B House in real life?

Although we are led to believe that the Camerons' vacation home is located in the Bahamas, it's actually in Barbados in real life—and it's known as Cove Spring House. Best of all, you can rent this property through its website, which can be found here.

Where is safe haven filmed?

Safe Haven, a romantic thriller film adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel, debuted on the silver screen Valentine's Day 2013, and two North Carolina coastal cities played starring roles. The production shot in Southport and Wilmington during the summer of 2012.

Was Outer Banks filmed in Barbados?

The second season of Outer Banks was largely filmed in Barbados. The showrunners did not clarify why they chose to film here instead of the Bahamas, but set decorator Missy Ricker did reveal how they chose the Barbados mansion, called Cove Spring House.

What does John B stand for?

John Booker Routledge, otherwise known as "John B", is the main protagonist in Outer Banks. He is portrayed by Chase Stokes.

How is Big John B alive?

Big John Teams up with Carla Limbrey

The big reveal in the season 2 finale is that John B's dad, Big John, is actually alive! He went missing nine months before the start of the series and was believed to be dead after Ward Cameron double-crossed him and left him for dead off a remote island.

Is Kitty Hawk worth visiting?

The exhibit does not take long to visit but it is fascinating to see the representation of advances in flight from 1903 to 2003. It is definitely worth visitng.

What airport do I fly into for Outer Banks NC?

As for flights, the Outer Banks is easily accessible from Norfolk International Airport (82 miles north), Raleigh Durham International Airport (192 miles west), or Coastal Carolina Airport (138 miles southwest). Expect a scenic drive in and one filled with anticipation.

What is John B's dad?

Just when it seemed like Outer Banks' third season was going to end on a visual of the Pogues living their best — if stranded — lives on a deserted Caribbean beach, the Netflix series' action moved to Barbados to reveal something many fans had predicted since the show's start: John B's dad, Big John, is alive.

Is the Outer Banks expensive?

Compared to other popular beach destinations on the east coast, the Outer Banks is an incredibly affordable place to live. For example, our area's cost of living is lower than towns such as Charleston, SC, Santa Barbara, CA, and the Florida Keys.

Is Carla Limbrey Sarah's mom?

Despite her complete lack of interest in Sarah, Rafe, and Wheezie, I'm convinced Carla Limbrey is their mysteriously absent mother. Or at the very least, she's Sarah and Rafe's mom, because the show has been so vague about who their mother is, I'm not even 100% sure Wheezie isn't actually Rose's biological daughter.

Did John B's dad give him the bandana?

John B's bandana is actually the shroud

Ah, yes. The infamous bandana theory. Big John gave John B the bandana he's been wearing across both seasons, and fans were quick to pick up on the fact that it's constantly worn on different parts of the body after the Pogues have been injured.

Where was outer banks filmed?

The series is filmed south of the actual Outer Banks in Charleston, South Carolina. The scenes involving water take place on Mount Pleasant's Shem Creek. Other locations used are Pitt Street, Hunting Island, the Hunting Island Lighthouse and Lowndes Grove.

Why is Outer Banks filmed in South Carolina?

The show's production decided to move their filming locations to South Carolina in response to North Carolina's House Bill 2 legislation, which required transgender people to use the bathroom according to the sex they were assigned at birth, according to the Wilmington Star-News.

Is the Outer Banks a good place to retire?

Duck offers a quiet, serene place to enjoy the easy-going lifestyle of the Outer Banks. You'll find a myriad of water activities, historical sites, lovely locally owned shops, and events for all ages. Known for its distinctive village feel and year-round appeal, it's no secret that Duck is a great place to retire.

What is John B's house called?

The house in Charleston from episode four, "Homecoming", is the Edmondston-Alston House located in the historic area known as High Battery.

Is Denmark Tanny a real person?

Is Denmark Tanny a real person? The version of Denmark Tanny in Outer Banks is fictional, but the character is based on a real life figure called Denmark Vesey. Denmark Vesey was a Black carpenter from South Carolina. Vesey was enslaved, much like Tanny, until he bought his own freedom.

Can you visit John BS House?

You may be surprised to learn; you don't have to leave the state of South Carolina to visit John B.'s hideout or the other locations seen in the Netflix show Outer Banks. If you're planning a visit, check out our Guide to Charleston, SC, before you head out!

Where was John B's house in Outer Banks?

John B's house is located in the Secessionville Historic District on James Island while Sarah Cameron's family mansion lies near the Citadel and Hampton Park neighborhood.

Why is Outer Banks not shot in Outer Banks?

The series was originally set to film on the real-life Outer Banks area in Wilmington, North Carolina. However, Netflix decided not to film there because of the state's House Bill 2 legislation. ... We wanted to film it here. But Netflix made the right decision to insist on inclusivity and we completely agree with them."