There is no official continuation in development at this time."" />
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Is Steven Universe ending forever?

Asked by Amber Bravo

Gabriel Lee

Gabriel Lee
BA, Contributor

The thing fans want to know is if the series is over for good, or could it be revived again in the years ahead. During an interview with Rebecca Sugar with Polygon following Steven Universe Future's finale, she stated "There is no official continuation in development at this time."

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Does Steven leave beach city forever?

In the finale, Steven finally decides to leave Beach City, but he worries that Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl won't miss him after his departure.

Is Steven a fusion?

Steven himself is considered a kind of fusion since he was created by his gem mother, Rose Quartz and his father Greg Universe. ... While fusion between gems is not tolerated by the Diamond authority, they do act together to rule their society as one.

Is Steven Universe a boy or girl?

If you haven't seen it, in a nutshell, Steven Universe is about a boy named Steven who is being raised by his mother's best friends, and defenders of the earth, the Crystal Gems (CG's), Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.

How old is Connie Steven?

It is revealed in "Steven's Birthday" that Connie is 12¾ years old. A girl resembling Connie makes a brief appearance in the OVA Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade. In Gem Hunt, Connie carries Rose's sword on her back with the hilt over her shoulder.

Does Steven marry Connie?

Connie and the rest of the people in Steven's life weren't aware of the internal struggle that he was contending with. ... Steven ended up proposing to Connie in "Together Forever" and suggesting they spend their lives together fused the way Ruby and Saphire are fused into Garnet.

Why does Steven turn into a monster?

Shapeshifting: Since Steven turned into a monster due to his thoughts of being one, it was clear he kept this ability. It appeared that as time passed Monster Steven decreased in size; this could be seen that after appearing as tall as the Crystal Temple, he later looked only a few meters taller than the Diamonds.

Who Will Steven Universe marry?

Steven and Connie's wedding and coronation in Era 3 | Fandom. When Greg with Pink Diamond, Steven and Connie are going to be married. He decided to head back to Homeworld and throw another parties called, Era 3 Wedding, and the coronation for humans and Gems come together.

What should I watch after Steven Universe?

  • Gravity Falls. Photo: Gravity Falls / Disney. ...
  • Infinity Train. Photo: Infinity Train / Cartoon Network. ...
  • Adventure Time. Photo: Adventure Time / Cartoon Network. ...
  • The Legend of Korra. Photo: The Legend of Korra / Nickelodeon. ...
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  • Hilda. Photo: Hilda. ...
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  • How to Train Your Dragon.

Is Steven Universe coming back in 2022?

Steven Universe: The Return (Or know as The Steven Universe Return!) is an 2022 American animated series, which is a sequel to Steven Universe Future. The first episode aired on January 21, 2022. ...

Will Steven Universe have season 7?

Yes … at least for now, 'Steven Universe' Season 7 stands cancelled. But fans should not lose heart. This is an amazing show and no matter, how many new stories the network comes up with, there will always be an unending flow of viewers.

How much older is Steven than Connie?

Connie goes to the Barn to visit Steven and spend the night there for his birthday. She is shocked to learn that Steven is fourteen years old and therefore older than her.

Is Ruby a boy?

Gems are stated to have no gender, so she's none. she does sound like a girl. Its A Boy. A Series Devolper Even Said That They Were Trying To Create A Male Gem WIth A Girl Voicing It.

Is Rainbow Quartz 2.0 a boy or girl?

Rainbow Quartz in non-binary. They justhave a male VA which means nothing. Steven Universe does drag Voice acting all the time. In this case, Rebecca Sugar specifically clarified on the Steven Universe podcast that Rainbow 2.0 uses they/them/he/him and Sunstone uses they/them/she/her around the 49 minute mark.

Did Steven get rejected Connie?

Rejected Marriage Proposal: Steven proposes to Connie. She gently rejects him, saying that while she does care about him, she thinks it's way too soon in both of their lives to consider it (Steven's only sixteen years old and Connie is even younger than he is).

Who is Stevens girlfriend?

Connie Maheswaran is Steven Universe's best friend-turned-girlfriend and a member of the Crystal Gems who debuted in the episode "Bubble Buddies". After meeting Steven, she slowly began to learn about him, the Gems, and their past.

Is Steven Universe coming back in 2021?

The animated show has premiered a total of five seasons so far. Season 6 is expected to release in 2021.

Why did Steven leave beach?

On Steven's decision to leave Beach City

No more "shoulds." He can decide what he wants to do and what he needs to do for himself. He can experiment and he can make mistakes, but he needs to just be there for himself through that process. And this [road trip] is really giving him an opportunity to do that.

Where is Steven Universe located?

Beach City is the primary location in the Steven Universe franchise. It is situated in Beach County in the fictional state of Delmarva, in the 443 area code, on the East Coast of the United States.

Why is Steven Universe Cancelled?

Rebecca wanted the audience to understand that everyone was basically moving on from the show. "I wanted that [the finale miniseries arc] to be part of the story, too, I wanted moving on to be something we could share with our audience," she explained. Still, though, some fans were devastated the show was done.

Is Garnet dead?

Garnet is one of the last surviving Gems on Earth who joined the Crystal Gems in the Rebellion against the Gem Homeworld and afterward assisted her friends in protecting the Earth over the next few millennia.

Where is steven universe?

Steven Universe is set in the fictional town of Beach City, Delmarva, where the Crystal Gems live in an ancient beachside temple and protect humanity from monsters and other threats. The Gems are ageless alien warriors who project female humanoid forms from magical gemstones at the core of their being.