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On handmaid's tale who is serena pregnant by?

Asked by Braden Donaldson

Robert Curry

Robert Curry
BA, Contributor

Sure. But Fred is the father." Fans of the show will have to wait until season five to see how the rest of Serena's pregnancy will go, especially when she finds out that Fred has been killed.

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Who got Serena pregnant?

Waterford cheated on Fred. But it's likely Fred is the father of Serena's baby. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Bruce Miller explained why Fred and Serena were finally able to conceive.

Who impregnated Serena on Handmaid's Tale?

For Serena to have been surprised by the news means she was probably around 12-16 weeks pregnant when she found out. Although Fred hasn't been particularly faithful in their marriage, Serena has been, which means that there's little to no doubt that Fred is the father of Serena's baby.

How did Serena get pregnant Handmaid's Tale?

Serena assumed Fred was infertile and orchestrated a sexual encounter between June and Nick. This resulted in June's pregnancy with Nichole. (This act is what ultimately got her arrested.) ... Given that, Fred and Serena naturally conceiving a child together is a shocking revelation.

Is Mark the father of Serena's baby?

It's no secret that in The Handmaid's Tale, Mark Tuello (Sam Jaeger) and Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) have a lot of chemistry. ... In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Handmaid's Tale showrunner Bruce Miller confirmed that Mark is not the father of Serena's unborn child.

Did Serena sleep with Mark Handmaid's Tale?

There have been theories that Serena could have been having an affair with Mark. They have been seen together multiple times in the past couple of series and he is now someone who she speaks to on a regular basis. However, there has been no indication that the pair have actually been sleeping together.

Did Serena and Mark sleep together?

"Serena has not slept with Mark Tuello as of yet. I wouldn't have done that out of respect for her character and the audience," answers Miller. "If she had the audience would know. It's definitely Fred's baby and we see June's anger at the impending birth.

Who is the father of Serena Joy's baby?

But Fred is the father." Fans of the show will have to wait until season five to see how the rest of Serena's pregnancy will go, especially when she finds out that Fred has been killed.

Why can't the commanders wives have babies?

In The Handmaid's Tale, infertility is linked to another one of Gilead's prominent problems: pollution. As revealed in the season 1 episode "A Woman's Place," inorganic farming and radioactivity are to blame for declining fertility.

Does Serena get baby Nicole back?

Serena helped get Nichole out of Gilead at the end of season 2. ... But Serena made a 180 flip in season 3, going back on her decision to get Nichole out of the country. In turn, Fred and Serena spend the first half of season 3 trying to get the baby back.

Does Serena get pregnant?

However, his wife, Serena Joy Waterford, played by Yvonne Strahovski, is completely unaware of what happened. Still in governmental custody, Serena is pregnant, in a detention cell, and waiting to Zoom with her husband, who she thinks has flown to Geneva to stand trial for his crimes.

Is Nicole Fred's baby?

For the first few episodes of the third season, Luke and Moira assume that Fred is the father of Nichole. ... With the message, June reveals that Nichole is actually a love child and Nick is her father.

Why do the commanders Wives pretend to give birth?

No, the woman on the floor is the very NOT pregnant wife of the husband Janine was forced to have sex with. But her best gal pals don't want her to feel like she's missing out or that Janine might be superior for physically birthing the child, so they pretend she is due for labor any moment.

Why are the Wives of Gilead infertile?

In the story, an environmental disaster has led to most women becoming infertile, and the small number who are still able to become pregnant are forced to become handmaids, women who are owned by the ruling elite and systematically raped in order to provide them with children.

Are all of the commanders Wives barren?

Standing (somewhat) faithfully behind (not next to) their husbands who rank as Commanders, the Wives are generally infertile women tasked with expanding the population of Gilead through the help of an assigned handmaid. Their infertility, however, isn't always confirmed.

Did Hannah get out of Gilead?

Finally, our heroine June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) has landed on Canadian soil. ... "Not until she gets Hannah out of Gilead and home to her father," said Moss, who directed three of the episodes this season, in a recent interview. "She will never be able to forget what she has seen or done.

Who did the commander's wife sleep with?

June spends most of season one trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant by Commander Waterford. Out of desperation, his wife has June have sex with their driver Nick, which leads to June and Nick having a secret affair, and she does end up pregnant — by Nick.

When did Serena and Fred sleep together?

Fred admits to Serena in season 3 episode 11 of The Handmaid's Tale that he knows he is the reason the two cannot have a baby, and the two sleep together. The second episode of the fourth season, "Nightshade," reveals that Serena is pregnant.

Is Nick Fred's son?

Why does Fred call Nick 'son' in The Handmaid's Tale? ... Nick and June showed the intensity of their relationship with a kiss, right before Fred met his demise. Nick actor Minghella explained why Fred called Nick "son" in their final moment together.

Who did Serena Joy sleep with in Season 3?

For her actions, however, Serena was accused of sexual slavery and rape after forcing Nick to have sex with June and she was arrested at the end of season 3.

What Happened to Baby Nicole in Handmaid's Tale?

After losing Nichole and her finger, Serena set fire to the Waterford house in a suicide attempt she survived after June led her out of the flames. Separated from Fred, she also tried to drown herself in the ocean while staying with her mother, who told her she was nothing without a husband.

Do the Waterfords get June's baby?

Nichole Holly Osborne, temporarily named Nichole Waterford, is the biological baby daughter of Nick Blaine and June Osborne. ... Baptized as Nichole, she is currently in the custody of Luke and Moira in Canada.

Who is Baby Nicole's mother?

After having Lydia's cache of damning information implanted into her arm, Nicole escapes from Gilead with Agnes, and the two pretend to be missionaries in order to deliver the documents and data to Canadian media outlets. Agnes and Nicole then finally meet their biological mother, the former Handmaid Offred.

Does Serena have a baby in Handmaid's Tale?

After noticing that Fred's attempts were unsuccessful, Serena suggested that his driver Nick Blaine (Max Minghella) should secretly impregnate June. June became pregnant however later in the series, she was able to help the baby escape Gilead after she gave birth.