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Should a cleric multiclass?

Asked by Kyrie Thornton

Carla McCrory

Carla McCrory
BA, Contributor

Cleric is usually the secondary class when multiclassing. Rather than putting the majority of their level investment in cleric, people usually prefer to dip into it for only a few levels. This is because just a few levels in cleric gets you a lot of extra features and abilities.

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Can a cleric multiclass into a wizard?

If you multiclass into Cleric you get light, medium armor and shields while Wizard gives nothing. Technically if you take 1st lvl Wizard and 2nd lvl Tempest Cleric you're not proficient with Simple Weapons.

Can a cleric multiclass into another domain?

There is no way to multiclass into a subclass of the same class, the PHB does a good job at supporting this view. Like Sagatympana said, if you want to homebrew this, you can always have the option to have a "talent tree" or "choose your feature" option.

Is Paladin cleric a good multiclass?

In general paladin and cleric do not multiclass particularly well, especially in point buy games due to stat requirements. Paladin requires 13 strength and 13 charisma, and really wants more than that.

What is the most overpowered class multiclass in DND 5e?

The Most Overpowered D&D Classes

  • Druid. D&D's druids are at first glance a calm, nature-loving group, but they're actually one of the game's most versatile and powerful classes. ...
  • Monk. ...
  • Wizard. ...
  • Echo Knight Fighter. ...
  • Peace Domain Cleric. ...
  • Hexblade Warlock. ...
  • Divine Soul Sorcerer.

What is the most fun DND class?

[Top 5] D&D: Most Fun Class

  • Wild Magic Sorcerer. This is the only option on this list that is subclass specific. ...
  • Barbarian. ...
  • Rogue. ...
  • Druid. ...
  • Bard.

What is the strongest DND class?

Paladin. The strongest martial class in the game, paladins are the best mix of offense and defense 5E has to offer. Large hit dice, heavy armor, and the best saves available, thanks to Aura of Protection, paladins are equipped for any type of danger.

Should I multiclass a warlock?


With individual spell slots per class, and utilizing Charisma fully, a Paladin/Warlock is a great multiclass option that could provide for some interesting backstory and character development. Focus on spellcasting abilities and Invocations that supplement your melee attacks.

Should I multiclass my bard?

It's useful to multiclass a Bard into a Druid if you want to provide your party with that type of utility. It might also be useful if you want your Bard to experience the thrill of close combat and have chosen a subclass like the College of Swords.

Should I multiclass my Ranger?

Multiclassing can give a lot of benefits to the Ranger class, but not all classes work as well as others. Rangers are the players that often act as support for their party, acting as off-healers, protecting the slower, squishier casting classes, and carrying all the stuff.

What class should I multiclass with cleric?


Clerics and druids are easy to multiclass together because they both use Wisdom as their primary spellcasting modifier. You can dip into druid without losing out on spell slot advancement and certain druid spells work surprisingly well with cleric abilities.

What should I multiclass with life cleric?

The most popular multiclass including Cleric is being a Ranger or Druid, and taking 1 level in Cleric with the Life domain. This is normally for the sole reason of making your Goodberry extraordinarily powerful. It could be fun to try it in reverse and take a couple of Druid levels while mainly being a Cleric, however.

Can you multiclass into 3 classes?

You can multiclass into all of the classes so long as you meet the requirements.

Should you multiclass as a wizard?

I recommend multiclassing early as a Wizard. You may start the campaign as a different class so you can get better proficiencies and starting hitpoints.

What is the best wizard multiclass?

1. Wizard/Artificer. Artificer is the absolute best option for multiclassing as a wizard as they have the most synergy both mechanically and thematically. Both have Intelligence as their main ability score, and the idea of an inventor and tinkerer also being a dedicated scholar makes sense.

Can you multiclass wizard and warlock?

Adding a few levels of wizard to another class is often the premium choice. As for combining wizard/warlock... most builds built to take advantage of EB are sorcerer/warlock, or sorlock, builds. If you are unfamiliar with sorlock just search on the word in YouTube for about a million videos on it.

What is a good Bard multiclass?

Best bard multiclassing options in 5e?

  • Paladin for super tankiness, and the possibility of very good melee damage from Smites.
  • Sorcerer for additional utility spells and cantrips, plus a level 1 feature like effectively permanent mage armor or a very limited flight speed.

What is a good multiclass for druid?

Dungeons & Dragons: How To Multiclass As A Druid

  • Artificer. Via: Wizards of the Coast. ...
  • Barbarian. via: WOTC. ...
  • Bard. Via: Wizards of the Coast. ...
  • Fighter. Via: Wizards of the Coast. ...
  • Monk. Via: Wizards of the Coast. ...
  • Paladin. None of the early paladin abilities are bad, but you really only want Divine Smite at 2nd level. ...
  • Ranger. ...
  • Rogue.

Can you multiclass on roll20?

Multiclassing. Multiclassing allows you to gain levels in multiple Classes. Doing so lets you mix the Abilities of those Classes to realize a character concept that might not be reflected in one of the standard Class Options.

What should a warlock multiclass in?

Some Warlock Pacts blend well with Paladin Oaths; Barbarian Paths, or Cleric Domains. Remember that your Warlock must have a Charisma score of at least 13 before you can multiclass them, and if your character happens to be Human, there's the option of dual-classing as well.

What is the best multiclass for a warlock?

You can't go wrong with Bard, as they're probably one of the most varied classes on the list. Since Charisma is used in both Warlock and Bard, your spells won't suffer because of a divergence in ability score allocation, and Bard spells can add some much-needed utility or support to your Warlock.

What is a good multiclass for rogue?

[Top 5] D&D Best Rogue Multiclass

  • Rogue/Druid. Starting the list is the Rogue/Druid combination! ...
  • Rogue/Fighter. The Rogue/Fighter would be a stealthy and strong combination, especially for close range (hand-to-hand) encounters. ...
  • Rogue/Monk. ...
  • Rogue/Sorcerer. ...
  • Rogue/Wizard.

Does a DND party need a healer?

You do not need a character to be the dedicated healer during fights like in say an mmorpg. The idea of it being useful to stand back or stay out of fighting and heal is just not a good option. Combat Spells really only heal damage equal to maybe 1 attack or turn of attacks as things scale.

Who is the most powerful wizard in D&D?

When the Greyhawk campaign world was reset in 1991's From the Ashes, Mordenkainen was refashioned as the world's most powerful wizard.

What is the best character in DND?

13 Successful Character Builds In D&D For Beginning Players

  1. 1 Lizardfolk Druid. Every party should have a healer of some type.
  2. 2 Dragonborn Paladin. ...
  3. 3 Tabaxi Monk. ...
  4. 4 Changeling Rogue. ...
  5. 5 *Satyr Warlock. ...
  6. 6 Gnome Wizard. ...
  7. 7 Half-elf Sorcerer. ...
  8. 8 Tiefling Bard. ...