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What does No-Face represent in Spirited Away?

Asked by Salma Cohen

Selena Aguilera

Selena Aguilera
BA, Contributor

No-Face symbolizes how children form an identity based on the people around them. Identity is one of the key themes of Spirited Away, most potently expressed in Chihiro losing her name to Yubaba, or Haku remembering he is really a water spirit.

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What does No-Face want from Chihiro?

No-Face becomes obsessed with Chihiro, and wants her to see her and her only. He becomes extremely volatile after being fed the Unnamed River Spirit's emetic dumpling by Chihiro, and, while fleeing from the obviously now-hostile spirit, she calls out to him twice to follow her.

What kind of spirit is No-Face?

No-Face is a dark spirit who resembles a black humanoid being with a white mask. He devours other spirits and can absorb their emotions into his own soul, causing him to take on their attitudes, especially negative ones, which lead to his transformation into a villain. He serves as an antagonist until his redemption.

What does No-Face say?

Speaking with the frog's voice, No Face says that he has noone, and that he is lonely. This declaration is one of the few lines we have in which we learn a little about No Face. It seems he's a lost being who just wants to belong, and that in a sense, he is 'empty.

What is the moral lesson of Spirited Away?

Never be motivated by your greed. Chihiro was primarily motivated by a purpose – rescuing her parents. Help others on their purposeful journey to the destination. When you help people around you with your generosity and tenacity, people feel the gratitude to help you back even if you don't ask for it.

Is Haku good or bad Spirited Away?

In Spirited Away, every character is a mix of good and bad qualities and actions. Even those who seem good at first, such as Haku and No-Face, have their share of evil qualities. By the same token, those who seem bad in the beginning, such as Zeniba, Kamaji, and Lin, become instrumental in Chihiro's escape.

Was no face evil?


The second main character of this film is not a hero. Nor is No-Face a villain. The spirit is somewhere in-between. ... The main time No-Face becomes evil is when it eats a dark spirit.

Is Haku in love with Chihiro?

He has the ability to fly in his true form, which is a dragon. Over the course of the movie his relationship with Chihiro becomes stronger, especially after she learns he is a dragon. This bond eventually leads to them falling in love, for it was their love for each other that broke Zeniba's spell on Haku.

Is no face a yokai?

The Noppera-b? (??????), or faceless ghost, is a Japanese y?kai that looks like a human but has no face. ... They appear at first as ordinary human beings, sometimes impersonating someone familiar to the victim, before causing their features to disappear, leaving a blank, smooth sheet of skin where their face should be.

What are the 3 heads in spirited away?

You may remember three strange green heads, rolling and grunting around, which follow and obey Yubaba the bathhouse witch. These 'kashira' are modeled after Japanese Daruma dolls. Daruma are traditionally wooden dolls the size of a fist, painted red in the image of a man with no arms or legs.

Will there ever be a spirited away 2?

' It is known to all that, it doesn't matter whether a film is successful or not, Studio Ghibli doesn't make any sequel of any of his films. It's really heartbreaking that there are no official reports about the sequel, so you may think for now, that there is actually no chance of spirited away 2.

What does the ending of Spirited Away mean?

It is the farthest thing from a child-friendly environment there is. Sen only escapes the Spirit World and regains her name by conquering her fear of the adult world. When she journeys to return a special golden seal to the witch Zeniba, she discovers something unexpected.

Why did Haku tell Chihiro not to look back?

In my vantage point, Haku told Chihiro not to look back because she would've been somehow stuck between the two dimensions. If not that, Haku just probably didn't want her to remember looking back at his face while she was leaving the spiritual world.

Is Haku in love with zabuza?

Only Zabuza didn't show Haku love, he treated him with the same philosophy that was beaten into him as a child, to use him as a tool and nothing more. ... Zabuza is moved by Naruto's words, bringing him to tears and finally, albeit too late, seeing the love Haku had for him.

Does Chihiro ever see Haku again?

Yes I think they would meet again, not in the spirit world but in the real world. Now that Haku remembered his name once again he can reign over his domain of the Kohaku river. Chihiro can visit the river head or river tail and see his spirit again.

Why is Haku a dragon?

Examples of powers he was shown to possess are: Asian Dragon Physiology: Due to his being a Japanese river spirit, Haku has the ability to take on the form of an Asian dragon, and was shown to be able to fly in this state.

Is Lin a human in Spirited Away?

Species. Lin is portrayed as a human being in the film. In the Japanese picture book (The Art of Spirited Away in English) Lin is described as a byakko (Japanese: ??), a white tiger, in the draft, which was later changed to byakko (Japanese: ??) meaning white fox..

Who is the villain in Spirited Away?

The character makes her first appearance when she is met by Chihiro Ogino. Yubaba is the main antagonist of Hayao Miyazaki's 12th animated feature film Spirited Away. The evil witch Yubaba is viewed differently throughout the film.

Does Chihiro remember the spirit world?

Well, according to Miyazaki himself, Chihiro did not recall her experience after leaving the spirit world at the end — but added that it doesn't mean completely forgetting it, and how there's a likely chance she'll eventually remember what happened.

Is Haku a bad guy?

19 HAKU. Haku was one of the most unique villains in the entire series with an awesome character design, unique fighting style, and truly tragic story behind him. He was a villain only by association and his dedication even helped change Zabuza for the better.

Why does yubaba take away Chihiro's name and call her SEN?

The reason for this was the longer she was to stay in the land of the dead the more she would forget about the living world, her making a mistake of her name is the first time we see her displaying this. Onto the question about why the Kanji ??, ?? = sen? remained.

Is Haku a boy or girl?

In Naruto, Haku is a rogue Ninja that fights along Zabuza. He has a sad history of death and mistreatment that I won't treat here. In any case, the Haku's peculiarity is that although he looks/behaves/dresses like a woman, he is a man.

Is Spirited Away based on a true story?

The legendary director of Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki, has openly revealed that the movie was inspired by Japanese myths that were once well-known by members of his generation and now forgotten by the younger generation.

What lesson is Spirited Away trying to teach the audience about greed?

Chihiro's journey teaches us that greed turns you into a monster. This is what happens with Chihiro's parents. They eat too much of a food that doesn't even belong to them, and they end up turning into pigs. They believe they'll be happy thanks to the food.

In spirited away what is no face?

No-Face (???, Kaonashi, lit. "Faceless") is a character in the film, Spirited Away. He is shown to be capable of reacting to emotions and ingesting other individuals in order to gain their personality and physical traits.