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What does Stinky link mean?

Asked by Nathaniel Benson

Rosa Pérez

Rosa Pérez
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vulgar term for "anus"

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What is a sneaky person called?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for sneaky, like: devious, sly, surreptitious, tricky, clandestine, deceitful, two-faced, conniving, underhanded, dishonest and stealthy.

How do you get your sneaky link to fall in love with you?

6 Sneaky Tricks To Get Your Man To Fall In Love With You

  1. Make Him See Red. ...
  2. Get To Know His Mother. ...
  3. Always Tell Him What He's Doing Wrong. ...
  4. Belittle Him In Front Of His Co-Workers. ...
  5. Knock Down Every One Of His Ideas. ...
  6. Never Look Him In The Eye Or See You Sweat. ...
  7. 10 Things Guys Want From You (That They Won't Ask For)

Whats a sneaky leak?

You may have already guessed it as it's pretty self-explanatory, but a 'sneaky link' is a slang term used to describe a person that someone is secretly hooking up with. Another way to think of it is a person you've sneakily linked (linked is a slang term for meeting up with).

Is LONK a word?

The origin of the word 'Lonk' is unknown; it may derive from the Middle English: wlonk, Old English: wlanc, with meanings including 'proud' and 'bold'; it may be a word for the coarse grazing of its area of origin; or it may derive from 'lanky'.

What does link mean in slang?

Link spelt L-I-N-K is a slang verb meaning to meet or connect with someone. It can be used to suggest a meeting such as: 'hey are you free to link tonight? Yeah let's link up. '

What is a sneaky word?

tricky, sly, devious, shifty, nasty, disingenuous, base, contemptible, cowardly, deceitful, double-dealing, duplicitous, furtive, indirect, low, malicious, mean, recreant, secretive, slippery.

Why is a person sneaky?

It's usually more about someone who is afraid of being seen as bad, who is too weak to stand up to the powerful people in her or his life (that's why children are often sneaky – they generally don't have the same kind of power that their parents and other adults in their lives have), and finally, someone who believes ...

What does LONK stand for?

Lonk (sheep)

The Lonk is a domestic sheep of a specific breed, found in the hills of the central and south Pennines, in the north of England. The name "Lonk" derives from the Lancashire word "lanky", meaning long and thin, usually in a person. Their range extends into only two counties; Lancashire and Derbyshire.

What do you put in a sneaky link bag?

  3. • When it says "tree hut body scrub, a random scent will be chose, be specify if you are allergic to any scent! ...
  4. • Items include but are not limited to "body scrubs, razors, shaving cream, hair care products, tooth bruth, tooth paste & etc*

What does sneaky mean in English?

If you describe someone as sneaky, you disapprove of them because they do things secretly rather than openly. [informal, disapproval] It is a sneaky and underhand way of doing business. One kid can generally tell when another kid is sneaky. Synonyms: sly, dishonest, devious, mean More Synonyms of sneaky.

Is a sneaky link a relationship?

"Sneaky Link" is used to refer to your hookup buddy.

If you're a fan of keeping certain aspects of your life — mainly relationships — behind closed doors, the term "sneaky link" will definitely pique your interest. ... "Sneaky link" is a term used to refer to someone you're sexually involved with.

What does link mean from a girl?

meet up with youIf someone wants to "link" it means meet up with you/someone else ?.

What does sneaky girl mean?

adjective. If you describe someone as sneaky, you disapprove of them because they do things secretly rather than openly.

How do you get a sneaky link?


  1. Get Your Mind Right.
  2. Be Open to New Experiences.
  3. Be clear and read the vibes.
  4. Keep it on the low.
  5. Spontaneity is key.
  6. Don't catch feelings.
  7. Stay fresh and clean.
  8. Pack light!

What does sneaky mean in slang?

The definition of sneaky is someone who is deceptive or sly, or is something secret and reluctant. When you creep into someone's house to copy his phone book so you can throw a surprise party, this is an example of being sneaky.

What is a sneaky link app?

Essentially, this is social media's way of allowing quick hookups to come to fruition. "Sneaky links" let TikTok users arrange an in-person meetup for a casual fling, and some platform users go so far as to have a dedicated sneaky links schedule—commitment for the commitment-phobes.

What's a sneaky link Urban Dictionary?

The term sneaky link refers to a secret lover. As Urban Dictionary brashly put it, "When you and another person are f***ing but don't want anyone to know about it."

What is weakest link meaning?

: the least strong or successful part the weakest link in a computer network.

Can you make someone fall in love with you?

Yes, you can't "make" someone fall in love with you. The feelings are either there or they aren't. However, there are some scientific studies out there that explain how certain techniques or behaviours can actually increase your chances of falling in love with somebody. So, no, you can't cast a spell on him or her.