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Who is after kazuha banner?

Asked by Renata Trevino

Andy Dale

Andy Dale
BA, Contributor

Who is the next Genshin Impact Banner after Kazuha? The next Genshin Impact Banner character after Kazuha is going to be Ayaka, followed by Yoimiya. In that second phase, there will also be an increased chance of getting Sayu in Banners.

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Can you get venti from standard banner?

Venti, for example, is a five-star character which is only available in the Ballad in Goblets banner. You can't get him from the regular old standard banner like you can the other characters in it.

When can I get Venti again?

Both events are over, though, so you can't win Venti until Genshin Impact's developers, miHoYo, decide to release his Wish Character Event banner again. If miHoYo re-runs Venti's character banner again, you'll need Wishes, specifically Intertwined Fates.

Is Venti gone forever?

Share All sharing options for: Genshin Impact fans anguished over missing Venti, a top-tier character. Genshin Impact debuts a banner later today with an entirely new character to collect, which means that the old promotion featuring Venti, one of the best options in the game, has concluded.

Who is on Klee's banner 2021?

The Genshin Impact Klee banner release date is June 9, when the 1.6 update releases. It looks like from current trial data that the characters featuring alongside Klee will be Fischl, Sucrose, and Barbara. It will be the first banner in the new update, but we can expect Kazuha's banner mid-season.

How do I get Klee Genshin impact 2021?

If players get lucky and hit both soft pity and win their 50/50, they will only need around 11,200 to 12,000 Primogems to get Klee, while if they get very unlucky and need to hit hard pity twice, they could be looking at a sum of 28,800 Primogems.

Can you still get Venti 2021?

Both events that offer the chance to obtain this character are over, but it does not mean that you cannot win him. Bearing in mind that Venti is a limited-time windborne bard, you just need to stay patient and wait until miHoYo again releases the Wish Character Banner.

Will there be a keqing banner?

Keqing Banner Release Date

Keqing's Banner will be live on 2/17! The banner date was announced during the 1.3 Chinese Live Stream.

Does Venti stay on the statue?

Head to the Anemo God Statue. Venti will be sitting on the statue's hands.

Is Klee a permanent character?

Klee is already playable as part of the 'Mystery of the Girl in Red's Treasure' story quest, but this'll be the first opportunity to bring her into the permanent lineup. Her ability loadout is filled with pyro damage bomb attacks which will appropriately deal massive AOE damage to everything around you.

Will limited characters come back Genshin?

While it's unlikely that players will ever be able to choose from a back catalog of banners on a whim, they could return as repeat limited events. According to rumors circulating within the Genshin Impact community, the Ganyu character banner could come back this September.

Who is on Ayaka banner?

The Ayaka Banner stars the five-star Cryo Sword character Ayaka and three four-star characters: The Cryo Claymore user, Chongyun. The Geo Catalyst user, Ningguang. The Pyro Catalyst wielder, Yanfei.

Is Klee rerun confirmed?

MiHoYo recently conducted their Genshin Impact update 1.6 special program, and it confirmed that summery fun is set to arrive this June. It also confirmed the arrival of Kazuha as well as a Klee rerun.

Is Ayaka a 5 star?

Ayaka is a 5-star Cryo Sword character in Genshin Impact.

Who is after Baals banner?

Baal will be followed by a Banner featuring the Hydro Catalyst character, Kokomi.

Is Venti worth pulling?

Venti is absolutely worth going for, as he is the best crowd control character in the game and can singlehandedly be the key to beating entire domains with his elemental burst.

Can you still get Venti?

Are you guaranteed to get Venti in Genshin Impact? Not quite. You're not guaranteed to get Venti, even if you pull from his banner. Luckily, Genshin Impact does feature a Mercy system.

Which characters are coming in 1.6 Genshin?

The community has been asking for character skins since the game launched back in September 2020. The latest trailer has revealed two new Genshin Impact outfits coming to the game in the 1.6 update: Sea Breeze Dandelion (Jean) and Summertime Sparkle (Barbara).

What Banner comes after Klee rerun?

Version 1.1. Zhongli's banner was expected to come right after Klee's banner, and introduced on the 1.1 update. However, he has been pushed back, and Childe's banner will first take the slot. Accompanying him in RATE UP is Ningguang, Diona, and Beidou.

Is kazuha's banner after Klee?

Since miHoYo has already confirmed Kazuha's Banner will be arriving after Klee's 1.6 Banner rerun, this gives everyone a nice indication of when Kazuha will finally become playable.

Does Klee get another banner?

Yes, Klee is coming back with her re-run banner. Yes, Klee re-run banner is coming in Genshin Impact 1.6 update.

Is Klee coming back Genshin?

Genshin Impact players will have another opportunity to obtain Klee for a limited time through an upcoming banner. This banner will arrive sometime after Genshin Impact version 1.6 launches in June.

Is Venti banner coming back?

Venti was the first rate up five star in Genshin Impact, his banner being released right when the game launched, lasting from 28 September 2020 til 18 October 2020. He is also the first five star to have a rerun banner, 17 March 2021 to 3 April 2021.

Whos banner is after klee rerun?

Klee's Return Banner is the first banner for version 1.6 after this banner would be Kazuha's Banner.