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Why did Emily leave Make It or Break It?

Asked by Phoenix Barnett

Selena Aguilera

Selena Aguilera
BA, Contributor

(In an especially ironic twist, Chelsea Hobbs, who played Emily and who was 24 at the time the show premiered, got pregnant during filming—a particular challenge for a show that emphasizes its cast's bodies, and that caused her, as a result, to leave Make It or Break It after the second season.)

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Who does Carter end up with in make it or break it?

He kisses Lauren in the episode "Are We Family." Carter becomes Lauren's boyfriend after he and Kaylie break up, but he breaks up with Lauren after she steals Emily's floor routine. He tells her that the reason he could never tell her he loves her is because she does things that hurt other people.

Does Wendy get caught for drugging Kaylie?

When Kaylie collapses during Worlds, Austin catches her when she falls from the beam and is seen holding her hand in the hospital. Austin also hit Damon, Emily's boyfriend. ... After an investigation by Lauren, it is discovered the Wendy had been drugging Kaylie to get her thrown out of Trials.

What does Payson's dad tell her?

When Payson and her father finally get a chance to be alone, her father tells her that the family wants to move back to Minnesota. Before Payson can really get her say in, her dad reveals that he already has a job there and that someone is interested in buying their house.

Who does Kaylie Cruz end up with?

"They were sisters, they were a family. Even when they hated each other, they loved each other." And though Kaylie didn't end up with Carter, actress Loren got her happily ever after — she got engaged two weeks ago! Keep your fingers crossed for a full cast reunion at her wedding.

Why is Season 3 of make it or break it so short?

Season 3 was a huge let down because of how rushed it was. Plus, Lauren kind of got the short end of the stick since this season kind of focused on her character arc, but they only had 8 episodes to play with.

Does Sasha end up with summer?

While discussing mistakes, Sasha says he regrets losing Summer and they kiss and Sasha says, "Don't tell me you stopped believing in miracles". This indicates they continued with their relationship, even with no further seasons.

Do Emily and Damon end up together?

Damon eventually takes Emily's virginity. In the meantime, Damon works on his music with Kaylie Cruz and they end up kissing in the recording booth ("Requiem for a Dream"). He later finds out that Emily quits gymnastics to be with him while he works on his music. They later get married and live a happy life.

Why did Payson and Max break up?

In the last letter Max breaks up with Payson telling her he's confused and doesn't know what he wants. Payson thinks its her fault because she's new to the whole girlfriend thing.

Why is Lauren Tanner dizzy?

It turns out that Lauren has an irregular heart beat, which Lauren lies about to Payson, telling her it's just a potassium deficiency. Payson calls the doctor to get the truth and then freaks out on Lauren for lying to her.

What episode does Emily tell Damon she is pregnant?

"Make It or Break It" Requiem for a Dream (TV Episode 2011) - IMDb.

What episode does Kaylie get out of rehab?

Are you sure you want to read this? There's no turning back... Emily, Lauren, and Payson, are all preparing to go to a gymnastics exhibition in Denver while Kaylie is living in a eating disorder rehab away from her teammates and family.

Will there be a Make It or Break It movie?

Although there's no plans for a reboot in the near future, the show's creator Holly Sorensen did talk with MTV. in March 2016, and spilled some major tea on the possibility of a Make It or Break It movie.

Does make it or break it have an ending?

Make It or Break It: Cancelled, No Season Four. It's the end of the competition for Make It or Break It. ABC Family has cancelled the TV show after three seasons on the air.

Why is Emily's brother in a wheelchair?

Brian Kmetko (played by Wyatt Smith) is Emily's younger brother, and one of her biggest supporters. He uses a wheelchair and has a seizure disorder for which he takes medication.

Does Wendy get caught in make it or break it?

Wendy getting caught with the psuedoephedrine.

Yes, we all know that Lauren is a maniac who will stop at nothing to expose people (especially those who deserve it), but that sure was crafty and quick! In the course of one routine, she found the package and traced it back to the online order.

Do Kaylie and Austin stay together?

Season 3. In the beginning of season 3, Austin and Kaylie are still dating. Austin promises Mr. Cruz that he will take care of his girl while she is in training camp with him.

Who is Emily's baby daddy on Make it or break it?

Emily learns that she is pregnant, and Damon is the father. After members of the NGO try to persuade her to have an abortion, she insists that they have controlled her life for too long. She ignores their suggestion, and she keeps the baby.

Why is Lauren dizzy in Season 3 of make it or break it?

Lauren passes it off to Kaylie and Payson that her fainting is a result of the new perfume that she and her father are trying to market called "Winner", and that this must be an allergic reaction to it.

Who does Lauren Tanner end up with?

She eventually tells Payson this, and she gets together with Max. Soon Payson finds out that Max is bisexual after kissing his friend. His friend tells the girls and Payson and Lauren are shocked. Lauren talks to Sasha after he comes back to the Rock.

Does Lauren Tanner go to the Olympics?

In the season finale, the four girls lead the team to the World Competition in Rio de Janeiro where they win team gold. Season Three opens with Payson, Lauren, and Kaylie heading to the Olympic Training Center, as they prepare for the London 2012 Olympics.

Does Emily tell Damon she is pregnant?

At the end of the episode as Emily is being arrested for missing her court date he tells her he has and always will love her. ... Damon and Emily end up having sex one night, pledging their love for one another. However, Emily soon finds out that she is pregnant with Damon's baby.

What illness does Lauren have on make it or break it?

While training for the Olympics, Lauren suffers bouts of dizziness and blackouts. She goes to a doctor who confirms she has a heart condition. Payson knows of this and wants Lauren to tell the truth but Lauren refuses, afraid of losing her spot on the team.

Whats wrong with lauren tanner in season 3?

It turns out that Lauren has an irregular heart beat, which Lauren lies about to Payson, telling her it's just a potassium deficiency. Payson calls the doctor to get the truth and then freaks out on Lauren for lying to her. Lauren assures her that tons of people have irregular heart beats and arecompletely fine.