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Why did Vanessa leave The Cosby Show?

Asked by Kelly Dawson

Gabriel Lee

Gabriel Lee
BA, Contributor

She was reportedly booted from the series in 1991 after Cosby was upset by an explicit sex scene she did in the 1987 film "Angel Heart" alongside Mickey Rourke. Later, Bonet abruptly ended her run on "A Different World" upon learning she was pregnant.

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How is Roxie Roker related to Al Roker?

Weather anchor Al Roker and Roxie Roker were second cousins once removed.

Why is Lenny Kravitz so rich?

Lenny Kravitz Net Worth: Lenny Kravitz is a Grammy-winning American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer who has a net worth of $80 million. ... Lenny began using pots and pans as drums when he was 3 years old, and by the time he was 5, he had already decided that he wanted to grow up to be a musician.

Is Kimberly Elise Cicely Tyson's daughter in real life?

Kimberly Elise isn't Cicely Tyson's real daughter.

Who is Kimberly Elise biological mother?

Elise was born as Kimberly Elise Trammel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of Erma Jean (née Johnson), an elementary school teacher, and Marvin Trammel, who owns an executive search firm. She has three siblings.

Does Lenny Kravitz eat meat?

Lenny Kravitz is vegan and has been eating mostly raw since 2016, the legendary musician revealed during a recent interview with Men's Health. ... We keep moving that bar as we get older," Kravitz, 56, said, adding that he is "very careful about what I put into my body and how I take care of my body."

How is Lenny Kravitz related to Cicely Tyson?

Before landing the role, she married television producer Sy Kravitz in 1962. Two years after they tied the knot, Roker and Kravitz welcomed Lenny on May 26, 1964. When deciding on the rock star's godparents, they picked Tyson as his godmother, a role she instantly took on.

Is Helen from The Jeffersons still alive?

Roxie Roker, the elegant and beautiful actress best known for her role as Helen Willis on the long-running hit CBS television series "The Jeffersons," has died. She was 66. Roker died Saturday in Los Angeles, her publicist, Cynthia Snyder, said this week. The cause of death was not revealed.

Who are Lenny Kravitz's sisters?

Zoë Isabella Kravitz (born December 1, 1988) is an American actress, singer and model.

Who is related to Cicely Tyson?

Their divorce was finalized in 1989, two years before Davis died in 1991. Tyson was godmother to the singer Lenny Kravitz, having been friends with his mother, actress Roxie Roker, as well as to Denzel Washington's daughter Katia; and Tyler Perry's son Aman. Tyson was an honorary member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

Whos lenny kravitz parents?

Leonard Albert Kravitz is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and actor. His style incorporates elements of rock, blues, soul, R&B, funk, jazz, reggae, hard rock, psychedelic, pop, folk, and ballads.

What's Lenny Kravitz doing now?

He currently lives in an Airstream trailer on the beach and works in a recording studio in the Bahamas, where he spends most of his time these days. Before coronavirus (COVID-19) hit, Kravitz was actively touring internationally to promote his album Raise Vibration.

Who is Lenny Kravitz's father?

Who were Lenny Kravitz's parents? Lenny Kravitz is the son of television producer Sy Kravitz and actress Roxie Roker, who was best known for her role on "The Jeffersons" (1975–85).

Who is Lisa Bonet's husband?

Lenny Kravitz is sending warm birthday wishes to his ex-wife Lisa Bonet's husband Jason Momoa, which means it's once again time for the internet to lose its mind over the handsome trio's strong relationship.

How rich is Lisa Bonet?

Lisa Bonet Net Worth: Lisa Bonet is an American actress who has a net worth of $14 million dollars.

Are Cicely Tyson and Whitney Houston related?

Are Cicely Tyson and Whitney Houston related? While Tyson was a close friend of Houston's family, the entertainers aren't related. ... Two days before her death, Tyson released her memoir, Just As I Am, which gives her fans a look into her personal life, including her marriage to Miles Davis.

Who is Lisa Bonet's father?

Early life. Moon was born Lisa Michelle Bonet on November 16, 1967, in San Francisco, California, to Arlene Joyce Litman, a music teacher of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage from Pennsylvania, and Allen Bonet, an opera singer of African American heritage from Texas.

What is Al Roker salary?

Al Roker — Net Worth: $70 Million

The most famous weatherman in the world, Al Roker has an astounding $70 million to his name, thanks in part to his $10 million yearly salary. He appears often on "NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt" and has about 200 producer credits as well.

What happened to Lenny Kravitz parents?

Roxie Roker, Kravitz's mother, died in California on December 2, 1995, of breast cancer at the age of 66.