pose as a decoy Red Coat at Thornhill, in order to distract the Liars and keep Mona occupied." />
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Why is Sara Harvey Red Coat?

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Michaela Harris

Michaela Harris
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In "A DAngerous GAme", Charlotte, then known to the A-Team as Red Coat, sent Sara Harvey to pose as a decoy Red Coat at Thornhill, in order to distract the Liars and keep Mona occupied.

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Who is Red Coat on Pretty Little Liars Season 3?

Alison DiLaurentis is revealed to wear the red coat as a disguise in order to hide from "A" and from the people who can recognise her in Rosewood. The third Red Coat was revealed to be Sara Harvey, a decoy hired by CeCe who was Red Coat "Everytime Charlotte needed her to be."

Who dug up Alison's grave?

They think that Paige dug up Ali's grave and may be "A". Paige confesses to Emily that at one point, Alison's bullying drove her to suicidal thoughts. Hanna's mom destroys the N.A.T. videos, but Hanna tells Ted that she did it.

Who is Big A?

Big "A" Big A was the person who took over the "A" game from Mona Vanderwaal after she was admitted to Radley Sanitarium and revealed to be CeCe Drake (A.K.A. Charlotte DiLaurentis or Charles Dilaurentis).

Did Mona know Cece was A?

Did Mona know Cece was a? Because she knew Cece was A and was hearing the whole conversation they had! Mona deals with A for disappear, just like she did with Alison, that could be a clue as well, in the fact that Cece was so close with Alison!

Why is Ezra obsessed with Ali?

After Aria finds out the truth about Ezra, Ezra explains that he knew who she was when they first met. They main reason he started a relationship with her was to gain information about Alison because he was writing a book about her, a "true crime novel".

Does Moana know who red coat is?

She does not know who Red Coat is, but according to Mona, Red Coat is in charge.

Who killed Jenna PLL?

Unfortunately, before Aria can ask her what she knows, Jenna is murdered by this "A" and found dead in a ditch in her parents' backyard. In Wanted, it is revealed that the real Alison DiLaurentis is the new "A" and her murderer.

Is Sara Harvey Good or bad?

Sara Harvey was a supporting antagonistic character in the television series Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Dre Davis. She was unmasked as part of the A-Team, being Red Coat and The Black Widow in the season 6A finale, "Game Over, Charles". She was murdered by Noel Kahn in "Wanted: Dead or Alive".

Is Emily sick PLL?

Emily is sick and hiding it (along with many other things).

In even more alarming news, Emily appears to be suffering from some sort of illness. She was having blood drawn at Hollis Medical Center, where a nurse advised her to stay in Rosewood so that she could complete her treatments in one place.

Is red coat Ali or CeCe?

Charlotte Drake (alias CeCe Drake):

Red Coat was the leader of the A-Team's former disguise and the person who stole the game from Mona (the Original "A", from Season 1-2). In "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", it's revealed CeCe is the second Red Coat (known as the "evil" Red Coat).

Who hit Toby in the woods?

When Toby was hit on the head, Jenna was the one Toby was following and Shana hit him, in the Season 4 Premiere episode, Jenna says to Emily "Tell Toby I'm sorry" this is probably because Shana hit him on the head.

Is Ezra A in PLL?

We repeat: Ezra is not "A"— nor has he ever been a member of the A-Team. Instead, Aria discovered (while stuck on a chairlift!) that her dearly-beloved beau has been spying on our foursome since the very beginning of the series. ... Ezra was gathering information for a tell-all book about Alison DiLaurentis' disappearance.

Does Ezra cheat on Aria?

Aria was the first Liar to receive a message from "A." ... Aria has cheated on every boyfriend she's had. When she was dating Noel, she cheated on him by making out with Ezra. When she was dating Ezra, she kisses Jason and she kisses Wesley, his brother.

Does Caleb cheat on Hanna?

Or as Caleb would tell us, "it's complicated." Hanna returns to Ravenswood for a surprise visit. ... Caleb broke up with her, so the real reason she came was to beat up Miranda who she thinks is The Other Woman.

How old was Aria when she slept with Ezra?

This means that while Aria was a child at only 15/16 years of age, Ezra was 22 when they started dating. As for the hook-up being 'unintended' and at a bar where it's presumed Aria was over 21 — that belief is actually broken down when one dark secret comes to light.

Do Mona and Hanna become friends again?

Hanna and Mona eventually rekindle their friendship; Mona calls it spiritual.

Why was Mona sneaking out of Radley?

4. Mona (Janel Parrish) was sent to Radley after being revealed as the original "A" because she was "obsessed" with the Liars. Once Mona left Radley, she was still obsessed with the girls, but CeCe was now "A" and sneaking out of Radley to torment them instead.

Who Did Mona say everything you asked me to?

And that's how Big A was born. Mona, thinking Alison was the girl in the red bathrobe, explained everything. She says, "I did everything you asked me too." She obeyed some orders and suddenly the A team was back on. We know that at first, Mona and this unknown A were working together.

Is Jenna really blind?

In Season 2, Jenna got an eye surgery and was fully able to see throughout the third season. However, going into Season 4, the operation proved to only have temporary effects as she began to lose her sight again. ... While she was still blind, Jenna was made to believe that Garrett, whom she dated, killed Alison.

Why did Aria join the A team?

Aria explains she joined the A.D. team to protect Ezra. (Remember, she wrote a fake police report accusing him of sexual assault, which A.D. found and has been using against her all season.)

Is Melissa on the A team?

Later, in "A Hot Piece of A", the Liars begin to think that the person in the greenhouse wasn't actually "A", but a helper. Throughout the season, the Liars continue to suspect Jenna and Garrett, and later, Melissa, of being "A".

Who's red coat in pretty little liars?

Charlotte Drake (alias CeCe Drake):Red Coat was the leader of the A-Team's former disguise and the person who stole the game from Mona (the Original "A", from Season 1-2). In "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", it's revealed CeCe is the second Red Coat (known as the "evil" Red Coat).

What episode is Red Coat revealed?

CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis

Also known as "Evil Red Coat," CeCe/Charlotte's secret identity was revealed in season 4 episode "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" shortly after she kidnapped Emily and tried to kill her with an industrial saw.